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ZAMIS : Delivery rules


Products acquired by the User will be delivered for a maximum deadline of 25 days, at the address indicated by the User during his order.

You will have to fulfill, besides the price of products, fixed participation at the expense of sending the amount of which will be specified on the order form before validation of the latter. This participation depends on the global amount of your order and on the ordered products.


The customer benefits from a discretionary right of retraction, what means that he can give up products without having to prove a motive.

In case of implementation of this right, he will return products to their original packing. The cooling-off period is of seven ( 7 ) working days for the goods, as from the day of their reception by the consumer. The refund of products and shipment charges of the order of ZAMIS sas in the delivery address of the User acting as consumer is due, for a maximum deadline of 30 days, upon receipt of products at ZAMIS sas.

The transport costs and other expenses, for the return of products at ZAMIS sas, are chargeable to the professional buyer; the refund of products is due, for a maximum deadline of 30 days, upon receipt of products at ZAMIS sas.

In case of delivery of not corresponding products with order or defective :
The sold products are necessarily verified during their arrival on the place of delivery.

Risks bound to the transport :
When the risks of transport are chargeable to ZAMIS sas (sale ends with a consumer), any observation of missing and/or of damage must be notified according to the modalities which follow.

  • Visible damage : an immediate report, concerning packagings and products, is drawn up with the carrier or his employee, on the shipment document
  • Not visible damage : a report, concerning packagings and products, is made by Registered letter with recorded delivery is sent to the carrier in three days (3) days which follow the delivery, not included the holidays.

In these two cases, copy of the report is sent to ZAMIS sas by Registered letter with recorded delivery in ten ( 10 ) days of the delivery.

The deadlines will be hardly respected by debarment.
In case of non compliance with the capacities of the above-mentioned procedure, ZAMIS sas cannot be held responsible for the damage of the customer.


  • Any complaint, reserve or contesting not bound to the transport and of whatever nature, must be mentioned to the seller by Registered letter with recorded delivery for the deadline(extension) of fifteen ( 15 ) days as from the arrival of products.
  • The customer will have to supply any justification on the reality of the noticed defects, ZAMIS sas reserving the right to proceed directly through a representative to any observation and/or on-the-spot check.
  • Any defective product return or not corresponding must have been the object of an express and preliminary agreement of ZAMIS sas.
  • Except opposite instructions given by the seller, products will have returned to their original packings.
  • The expenses of return will be chargeable to ZAMIS sas.
  • Products will be replaced by ZAMIS sas by identical products.
  • In case of impossibility of replacement, the return of products will be fully refund.